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When it comes to Middle Tennesse parking lot and parking garage maintenance, Advantage Tri-Seal is a company you can depend on. Since 1986 we have been proudly servicing countless local businesses, including the Hendersonville, Nashville, Gallatin and surrounding areas.

Line Striping

Line striping for parking lots, parking garages, roads, highways and more. We offer new and existing layout striping.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Solutions for all of your seal coating and paving needs using commercial-grade professional applications.

Snow Removal

When snow hits, roads and parking lots need to be cleared quickly! Call us for RAPID RESPONSE snow removal.

Pot Hole Repair

Keep your parking lots and roads free of pot holes. Our professional crew will repair your pots holes properly.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is useful for sidewalks, awnings, stained asphalt, buildings and other applicatins.

Bumper Blocks

Bumper blocks come in a variety of colors and sizes for all of your parking lot needs. Temporary or permanent installation.

Why Choose Us?

For 30 years, locally owned and operated Advantage Tri-Seal is the preferred line striping and seal coating company serving Middle Tennessee. We provide a variety of asphalt maintenance solutions, including line striping, crack filling, and pressure cleaning services. We enjoy dealing with our customers, as well as protecting the property, beautifying it, and witnessing its curb appeal once we finish the job.

We service all of the Middle Tennessee area, including Nashville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, and surround communities.

Quality Service

Customers who work with us appreciate that we are prompt and knowledgeable about what we are offering. Our company takes pride in the customer service that we offer, as well as our attention to detail.

How We Help You

Our owner oversees every job that we do. Our company does not have business hours because we always make time to accommodate you. Whatever you need done, know that we will do it for you.

Our Solutions- Click below

We use commercial equipment to apply new and existing layout striping. When you need striping on a parking lot, contact us and we will handle your striping needs. Striping your location adds curb appeal and traffic control. Other services we offer include directional marking, signage, ADA decal installation, and wheel stop installation.
Our seal coating company provides solutions for all of your seal coating and paving needs, and we use commercial-grade professional applications with commercial equipment. This helps to rejuvenate the asphalt solution for commercial and residential properties.
Advantage Tri-Seal in Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers hot- and cold-water pressure washing services for commercial, residential, and industrial needs. Utilizing hot water to pressure wash your location ensures that mold and mildew are removed from your property, allowing you to receive quality cleaning.

We also use cold water for prep cleaning purposes, such as cleaning up a house before painting or taking care of a driveway before sealing it without sealing in the dirt. For any pieces of concrete you have, we lighten up to three shades.
Professional crack repair. Advantage Tri-Seal provides crack repair services for commercial and residential customers. Our seal coating company offers this service with a commercial bender until we rout all cracks, air lance them, and then fill them with a commercial quality rubberized sealant. Repairing the cracks in asphalt ensures that moisture does not penetrate down to the sub base. It also helps to prevent the asphalt from deteriorating.